I would be shocked if only 25 were made. $21.99. $16.99. It is hard to tell in the plastic. These commemorative Mexican 1968 Mexico City Olympics 25 Pesos Silver Coins come with edged lettering and are made of .720 fine silver, containing a total 0.5209 ounces of fine silver (a Franklin half dollar, by comparison, contains 0.3575 ounces). Also find this coin and many others at the best prices. These coins were in standard circulation until silver was removed from all Mexican circulating coinage in 1979. Look for the mint mark in the lower right of the reverse. Enter the total quantity of coins for each type of Canadian silver coin in the entire coin … Coin … OK, Thanks for taking a look. The nickel versions will stick to a magnet. See more ideas about world coins, coins, gold and silver coins. FAST 'N FREE. Can You Tell Me If A 1968 10 New Pence Is Worth Anything? Where Is A 10 Koneek Coin From? 1968 Mexico 25 Pesos Olympic Coin Type 1 And 2. It's worth $8 in mint and bullion value for low grades. This is a 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games Commemorative Silver Bullion Coin, 25 Pesos face value. They experienced coinage reforms during the 20th century, the first of which happened in 1905 when the United States of Mexico was formed out of the Mexican replublic. This is a 1968 Mexico Silver Coin, 25 Peso Olympic Games Commemorative, Ley 720 purity, 22-23 grams weight. Mexico Silver 25 Peso (1968-1972) Melt Value: $13.17 Last Updated: 12/22/2020 5:55 PM EST This page shows trends for Mexico Silver 25 Peso melt values. The pesos will vary date and will come in average circulated condition. Spot Prices are quoted in USD / Troy Oz. Feb 19, 2014 - Images of Mexican coins - World Coin Gallery. Look for the mint mark in the lower right of the reverse. OK, Thanks for taking a look. Coin Specifications Category: Mexico Silver 25 Peso (1968-1972) Composition: 72% Silver Weight: 22.5000g ASW: 0.5208oz Diameter: 38mm Silver Coin Melt Value: US$ 8.503 MEXICO SILVER 10 PESO (1955-1960) KM# 479 Mint: Casa de Moneda, Mexico. I got them home and i am now sure 100% they are fake. To celebrate, the Mexican Mint released the commemorative 25 peso Olympic silver coin. Lettering: JUEGOS DE LA XIX OLIMPIADA MEXICO 1968 Translation: 19th Olympic games Mexico 1968 $2.25. 1992 - 1995. Canada Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator. There is a little over a half a Troy ounce of pure silver in one coin. 2 new pesos. Grade: PCGS MS66 . 1 peso. 1918 - 1919. About the Mobile Mexico Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator Mexico is unusual among countries in that it issued circulating silver coinage right up until the end of the 1960's. 1968 Olympics Mexican 25 Pesos Silver Coin. Reverse: Image of an Aztec ballplayer above the Olympic rings. 1. Save this search. ... Value: $ 25.82. Protect your Mexico 25 Peso by adding a protective capsule to your order. 25 pesos 1968 silver commemorative coin Olympic Games in Mexico ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS / 25 PESOS / LEY 0.7250 / National arms JUEGOS DE LA XIX OLIMPIADA MEXICO 1968 / Olympic rings below dancing native left Coin value - $12-15 . 72% silver 25 pesos of 1968 commemorating the summer olympics in Mecixo City. Coin value calculations use the 8:42 PM PST silver price for December 22, 2020: Silver $25.39/oz 0.18 All values shown in USD. eBay (mother_natures_showroom) ... 1968 Mexico 25 Pesos Olympic Games 0.720 Silver Coin Ingot Original Still Sealed. The expense of setting up the dies and the blanks would make that cost prohibitive. KM# 454. They feature the Olympic symbol and an Aztec dancer on the obverse, while the reverse has the Mexican coat of arms. How to use the Canadian Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator. How Much Is A 1944-s Fifty Centavos Filipinas United States Of America Coin? About the 1968 Mexico Silver 25 Pesos Olympic Avg Circ (ASW .5209 oz) These pesos were minted by the Mexican government, and were used as a common currency. 25 pesos 1972 silver commemorative coin 100 Years from the death of Benito Juarez Silver 0.800, 18.13g, ø 34mm. Worth - Mexico 25 pesos 1968, 1968 Summer Olympics, Mexico City in the coin catalog at uCoin.net - International Catalog of World Coins. They are large coins but the purity of the silver is only 72%, yielding .5209 Troy ounces of pure silver. Today, all Mexican coins are produced in San Luis Potos, though the mint is headquartered at the Museo Nacional de las Culturas in Mexico City.